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Whether a newcomer to Europe, or a well-seasoned traveler, it pays to know what Paris can offer you, and where you can get the highest standard of tours. It is not just premium private tours in Paris; we can also take you to the Brittany, Loire Valley and famous French Rivera.

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For someone who has not been to France before, knowledge of where to find the finer items this country has to offer may not come immediately to mind.
This is where a premium private tour is required.

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The Ultimate Key tours, which are delivered by free shipping, are more than just simple tours. A concierge or personal assistant will plan your trip thoroughly. We offer the opportunity to meet with the concierge in person.

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The Keys tour explores Paris and the nearby regions. The service is available seven days a week. The prices vary from the Ultimate Key 3 which is 175€ for a 1 to 3 day stay to the top tier which is the Ultimate Key 30 which is 950€ for a 2 to 3 month stay. Please note that any tour costs or restaurant costs will be invoiced separately from the main bill.
The good news is that subscriptions can be used for up to 12 people at a time. Arrangements may be made for even larger groups.

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In obtaining an Ultimate Key tour you can see what makes this city sparkle. The price of the Key brings you recommendations for where to shop, where to stay and where to be entertained. You can rest assured that the advice given will lead you to most luxurious places in Paris.
The premium private tours in Paris offer will show the city in a new way, even if you already have explored the city many times. Your trip can only improve due to our specialized knowledge.

Be the first to live the real authentic French journey

Your trip to Paris may also see you going behind the scenes at the Eiffel Tower, playing the part of a sleepwalker at the Louvre museum, finding the best flea markets (the well-known “brocantes”) in the areas and picking up the greatest bargains, exploring Versailles... The opportunities for you are endless.

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You may be assured that you will receive the first proposals, personalized to you, a few days after signing up. When you have decided the full details of your trip to France, you will receive a few itineraries for your journey as well as various maps.

And let us organized your travel in details!

Ultimately, by knowing where you are going before you leave, the stress caused by the uncertainty of your travel disappears. Your vacation or professional stay will become more pleasant because of it, and will help your immerse yourself in the unique and delicately romantic French atmosphere.


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